Before development starts, choose a unique logical name.  This makes it singular enough to use in all further discussions and inspires the team.

A name should not be:

  • ..the name of the company the application is for.  Imagine the confusion when you deliver an application called “Novell” to your customer “Novell”.  You'd be surprised how many back end systems around the world are called “IBM” or “Fujitsu”.

  • ..the technology the application is written in.  This rules out project names like Tomcat, Foxpro, JBoss, Weblogic, Linux.  'just a moment while I look it up in Tomcat'.

Exception: try not to choose a name that could become an oxymoron, like “Swift” or “Secure”, especially if the project could turn sour.  Safer to use the name of a remote Indonesian Island, of which there are thousands.

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