Integration always takes much longer than you think because:

  • Data formats often not documented or out of date.

  • Need two parties to agree instead of one.

  • Both ends of the connection need to be available for sufficient testing.

  • Message failure and message retry is usually not estimated.

  • Legacy data formats usually inconsistent, unless it is XML and has a very clear XSD schema.

  • Data quality requirements are rarely stated in advance.  For example, Production data is inconsistent, does not have referential integrity, or even tables are empty.

  • Capacity planning is not usually done for dev/test/prod environments.

  • The developers doing the back-end work are not on your team and are shared between you and other projects.

  • Dependencies on people who don't answer to you.  They do not attend morning standups even though they should, and have not given commitments to the team for completed work.

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