Small IT decisions can affect the number of resources consumed by end users.  It could be small things, for example:

  • Make a report more concise and avoid printing a few pages.

  • Choose solutions that have reusable technology rather than disposable technology.  For example in a public transport system, use a smart card rather than a paper card.

  • Display an “environmental warning” when printing more than ten pages.  Perhaps a “Think Green” popup.

  • Generate reports as PDF documents and turn off the “printable” flag.  This book has the printable flag turned off to stop it being printed single sided at your company's expense.

But the simple steps don't have to stop at software:

  • Request workstations with low power usage such as laptops.

  • Hook up server rooms with a shared power supply.

  • Switch off that meeting room light.

  • Recycle your old hardware.

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