The competent developer base in most large cities is remarkably small and it is common to work on a project with people you have worked with before.  Remember who the useful developers were, and always try to write code to be proud of.

Make sure you handover well – don't leave people in a stressful situation or they will curse your name while they find out all the things you forgot to mention, like the fact that your desktop PC which they switched off was an integral part of a production system (don't use your desktop PC as an integral part of a production system), and the fact that the only copy of the source code is on your personal laptop.  

It was only when Sammy went on holidays and took his laptop with him that we realised the production system was sending orders through the middleware on his laptop.  Searches for the source were to no avail.  We finally called him in Sicily but he told us the source was also on his laptop, which was in his house.  Luckily his mother had a spare key and let us in to get the laptop.  Production was down for three days.  Management came down and fired Sammy on his first day back.  People don't forget events like that.  Sammy will be lucky to work again on any project members of that team are on.”

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