Use full words where possible.  Removing only vowels takes more time than typing them, so use full words where possible.  This strange removal technique is a legacy from the old 64k days where naming of classes and variables saved crucial bytes.  Developers drop random characters in words or parts of words, so the caller has little idea what a method or class is called.  Worse still, some abbreviations drop only a single letter from the word.  For example:

public boolean saveUpdtCnsgmtArt(CnsgmtArt a)

Updt vs Update saves typing only two characters!  A much clearer way of writing the method (and hardly any more work) is as follows:

public boolean saveOrUpdateConsignmentArticle(ConsignmentArticle article)

Tip: sometimes database tables are abbreviated to work around 64 character limitations on table names.  This is accepted as a database efficiency requirement, but should not filter through into java class names – always use real names where possible in the Java space and use mappings to link the real names to database names.  Oracle, for example has a 30 character limit on index names, so you can't avoid abbreviating words to fit.

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